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New Zealand Puzzle Association Inc.

organizer of :
  • NZ open/junior/school vaki ® puzzle and sudoku Championship
  • NZ open/junior/school (rapid) backgammon Championship
  • NZ open/junior/school draughts Championship
  • NZ open/junior/school MindSports triathlon
  • NZ junior/school scrabble championship

new zealand puzzle association inc

In 2016 the Association will hold its various championships at three events, in May,July, and October

NZ Open vaki ® puzzle and sudoku championship, May 7-8

The NZ open vaki ® puzzle and sudoku championship were held online over this weekend (from 1.00pm Friday 6 May to 1.00pm Sunday 8 May).

Auckland Junior Mindpsorts Championship, July 14-17, Botany library

The main website for this event is

This event will be held at the Botany library from July 14-17. It will include

There will be medals for first, second, and third in each event

NZ MindSports Championships - October, Auckland

The New Zealand MindSports Championships will be held in Auckland October 15-16, 2016 at the National Chess Centre in Devonport.

Titles on offer in this event are
NZ open/junior/school (rapid) backgammon championship
NZ open/junior/school draughts championship
NZ junior/school scrabble championship
NZ junior/school sudoku/vaki ® puzzle championship
There will also be a rapid chess tournament as part of the event

We are planning for ten school teams of four players each and twenty individual entrants, both junior and open.

The main website for the event is

The Association can be contacted by email,

Alternatively, the chairman of the association is Dr Rhys Cullen who can be contacted by email, tamakisports at or through the website