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New Zealand Puzzle Association Inc.

organizer of :
  • NZ open/junior/school vaki ® puzzle and sudoku Championship
  • NZ open/junior/school (rapid) backgammon Championship
  • NZ open/junior/school draughts Championship
  • NZ open/junior/school MindSports triathlon
  • NZ junior/school scrabble championship

new zealand puzzle association inc

In 2016 the Association will hold its various championships at three events, in May,July, and October

2016 New Zealand Schools Vaki ® Puzzle and Sudoku Championships

The 2016 championships will take place online from noon Monday 7 November until noon Sunday 13 November. It will be part of a world school championship. The site for the world event is

There are two types of puzzles - classic sudoku and vaki ® puzzles. The puzzles are scored. In both classic sudoku and vaki puzzles the puzzler starts with some points, loses one point for every second spent solving, loses points for each mistake made, and gains points for every symbol correctly placed. How many points are gained or lost depends on the type of puzzle being played and the difficulty chosen by the puzzler.

Competitors will have 30 minutes and their top four puzzle scores will be combined to give a total score. Competitors will be allowed to select the type of puzzle and difficulty for each puzzle. A competitor may solve, for example, ten puzzles in their 30 minutes and partially solve 3 more. None of the scores from the partially solved puzzles will count, and of the ten solved puzzles the top four scores will count.

Enter the championships

To enter the championships you must first register (button at top left of the page, if you aren't already registered at a site where you can play vaki puzzles). Then you must login (button at top right of the page). Then you must complete the from below and click the 'enter me into the championships' button.

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When you click on the 'set a practice score' button, your thirty minutes will start (if you have entered and are logged in).

Practice Standings - Individual

Rank Student Score Year Born School
1 Samuel Yuan 11651 2004 Bucklands Beach Intermediate

NZ Open vaki ® puzzle and sudoku championship, May 7-8

The NZ open vaki ® puzzle and sudoku championship were held online over this weekend (from 1.00pm Friday 6 May to 1.00pm Sunday 8 May).

Auckland Junior Mindpsorts Championship, July 14-17, Botany library

The main website for this event is

This event will be held at the Botany library from July 14-17. It will include

There will be medals for first, second, and third in each event

The Association can be contacted by email,

Alternatively, the chairman of the association is Dr Rhys Cullen who can be contacted by email, tamakisports at or through the website